Policies + Shipping

shop info + policies:

if a piece of jewelry is too small for you, i can always add chain just add a note when buying <3

if you’d like for the jewels to have a special note for someone as a gift pls let me know and i’ll decorate it all cute for free <3

no returns or exchanges or refunds, unless there’s a specific reason.

i don’t offer bundle deals, any kind of discounts or offers UNLESS i have a sale up!


                       shipping info:

i always try to ship within a week after the order is made and it is usually delivered in less than a week <3 please understand that I’m just one college student hand making every piece + packing 30-70 orders per week 😅🩷

please be sure to put the correct address! i will ONLY refund you if the package gets sent back to me. 

after shipping, it’s not under my control it’s 100% usps responsibility