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BLN Blind Bags!

BLN Blind Bags!

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these are mystery blind bags! they could include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, etc!

the more you pay for the bag, the more you get! for example: $5 bag will include a small accessory or 2, while the $25 bag could include a necklace with maybe some accessories 💖

the cuties in these bags are all kinds of aesthetics & jewels! if you do not have ear piercings then pls leave a note! 💕

super good deal for the value of the items!! ⭐️ these jewels are jewels i never posted, did not sell for some time, etc 💖

Care Instructions

please do not pull or twist or get water on jewels! All jewels are handmade with love so please take care of them so they last! Every piece is a piece of art so treat it as such <3

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